Photo a Day Challenge Week 49

Wrapping up November and then we’ll put a bow on it.  Currently pining over some snow.
Day 25 – Sky.  Just another day driving into work.
sky .
Day 26 – In the cupboard.  Must have just pulled out my cans for spaghetti sauce.
Day 27 – Tree.  One of the few times I make it to the gym, they have the trees decorated in the parking lot.
Day 28 – Vehicle.  Yup, driving home, crossing the river.
Day 29 – Big.  Cloud.  I wanted to take pictures of doggie’s things, but we didn’t get to that, now did we?
big... cloud.
Day 30 – On the wall.  Walla Walla wine, is on the walla walla.
wall...a walla.
d e c e m b e r
Day 1 – 8 O’clock.  Fiance’s department party.  It did not stop.
8 O clock.
So there is our intro into December, the last of the Photo a Day challenge.  Two more weeks!


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