Photo a Day Challenge Week Freaking 50

Into December.  Still no (ridable) snow (within a day trip drive), but the Valley County ski resorts have opened… YES!!
Day 2 – Peace.  As silly as it sounds, I love watching Outdoor Idaho .  And this episode was super special- an episode highlighting the Sawtooth Mountains and how the Sawtooth National Recreation Area came to be.
Day 3 – Something I held.  Going to yoga.  I really like these classes.  Kind of like, where has it been all my life???
hold it.
Day 4 – Black + White.  Ah ha!   Did you see what I did there, with the black and white teas, and then I made it black and white.  Haaa, yeah.  I did that.
Day 5 – Looking Up.  So this particular day, I was leaving my salon and see… this.
upTurns out our fire department was having a drill.
Day 6 – From Where I live/My town.  This was when I was Falling for Idaho, and this day we had this crazy (the cool kind of crazy) fog, so I ventured to some of my favorite places and snapped away.
where I live.
Day 7 – Stars.  This was taken when we went to Bruneau in late summer.  Or early fall.  It’s hard to tell.  We were getting our tent ready.  There was also a lot of coyotes out so I was down to go to sleep… in the car.
Day 8 – Someone I love.  More recently we got some engagement photos taken of us.  You know, to document our love.  We have a great photographer, and she really made us… look good.
i love him.
And I can’t forget our pooch 🙂  We love the crap out of her.  Even when I accidentally leave things out that she gets into and spreads it alll over our living room.  Love her.  i love them
Look at us, all lovey and stuff 😉



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