Photo a Day Challenge Week Fifty Freaking Two

Day 23 – Joy is _______ My friend’s holiday socks!!
joy is.
Day 24 – Tradition.  Fiance has an epic breakfast tradition, I tried my best at a French toast casserole, and bacon in the shape of hearts.
Day 25 – lunchtime.  Sort of.  My family usually munches lightly until Mom throws down her holiday ham.

Day 26 – mess.  Yeah, what I should have taken a picture is of that couch.  With puppy, she will go after everything, things we have overlooked or secretly hoped she has lost interest in, so we toss whatever it is up on the couch, to distract, play and reward.  Never stop training.  NEVA STOP

Day 27 – How I relax (more or less).  When the stars have aligned, and the combinations are all set, I can really let my mind go.  I can’t think of anything else when I am looking around to enjoy and be aware, going down on some side of a mountain.  Kind of need to be in the moment.

Day 28 – cold.  Enough said.  As of publishing time, we are in day 6 of a high temperature in the teens.  I have had ice  on my car since the beginning of January.  As a fan of cooler temperatures, I like, but when the pressure systems are keeping or diverting the snow bringing storms, me no like.
Day 29 – Hot.   Fries.  I haven’t  had much of these lately.  Sort of on a discipline.  But when I eat them, it’s after snowboarding,  you know, to make it worth it.  (IGNORE THE BEER)

Day 30 – made me smile this year.  I got two boxes of my coveted white tea for Christmas!  I am creeping through the first box.
Day 31 – self piccy.  Here I be.  Clear goggles that day, helped me with my depth perception.
Okay.  So here it is.  I can say I took upwards of three hundred sixtyish pictures for Fatmumslim‘s challenge.  And would you believe I am doing it again.  A little differently, and with a little more discipline, because this year (like all the others and the ones to come) things are happening.  Fiance is going to be Husband (weird… the good kind!), we got our new puppy, we have a few trips lined up now, and all the little ones to happen as well.    All sorts of things, and when I take a step back, I think since I will be documenting all this anyway, why not take the prompts and give this another go?  Do I have a problem? Likely.  I blame yoga.  I just have to keep at it, everyone else is chugging along, showing their progress, and I am trying.  I really am.




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