Jour Vignoble

picking cab,

Last October, Fiance and I headed out to Middleton and picked more grapes.  We went at it alone, which loosely translate to ‘We waited to late to ask’ and ‘Our friends were busy’ and there was some game on, we kept hearing.  No big!  We packed some sandwiches, the dog and off we went!
We picked all day.  We picked a lot, like, a few hundred pounds a lot.  So cool, can’t wait to do it again.
Haulin' Cab.

the bounty
The cabernet booty.
Just a little crush.
good juice.

The next weekend we picked granache, barbera and nibiollo.  The Barbera and Nibiollo will be aged together, as there was about less than one hundred fifty pounds of each.
great berries
And my camera battery died, and it was raining lightly.  Not necessarily a bad thing, as it kept our cutters clean, and with the right water resistant jacket, tunes on the ipod, and we’re good.



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