Photo a Day Challenge Week Fifty Freaking Two

Day 23 – Joy is _______ My friend’s holiday socks!!
joy is.
Day 24 – Tradition.  Fiance has an epic breakfast tradition, I tried my best at a French toast casserole, and bacon in the shape of hearts.
Day 25 – lunchtime.  Sort of.  My family usually munches lightly until Mom throws down her holiday ham.

Day 26 – mess.  Yeah, what I should have taken a picture is of that couch.  With puppy, she will go after everything, things we have overlooked or secretly hoped she has lost interest in, so we toss whatever it is up on the couch, to distract, play and reward.  Never stop training.  NEVA STOP

Day 27 – How I relax (more or less).  When the stars have aligned, and the combinations are all set, I can really let my mind go.  I can’t think of anything else when I am looking around to enjoy and be aware, going down on some side of a mountain.  Kind of need to be in the moment.

Day 28 – cold.  Enough said.  As of publishing time, we are in day 6 of a high temperature in the teens.  I have had ice  on my car since the beginning of January.  As a fan of cooler temperatures, I like, but when the pressure systems are keeping or diverting the snow bringing storms, me no like.
Day 29 – Hot.   Fries.  I haven’t  had much of these lately.  Sort of on a discipline.  But when I eat them, it’s after snowboarding,  you know, to make it worth it.  (IGNORE THE BEER)

Day 30 – made me smile this year.  I got two boxes of my coveted white tea for Christmas!  I am creeping through the first box.
Day 31 – self piccy.  Here I be.  Clear goggles that day, helped me with my depth perception.
Okay.  So here it is.  I can say I took upwards of three hundred sixtyish pictures for Fatmumslim‘s challenge.  And would you believe I am doing it again.  A little differently, and with a little more discipline, because this year (like all the others and the ones to come) things are happening.  Fiance is going to be Husband (weird… the good kind!), we got our new puppy, we have a few trips lined up now, and all the little ones to happen as well.    All sorts of things, and when I take a step back, I think since I will be documenting all this anyway, why not take the prompts and give this another go?  Do I have a problem? Likely.  I blame yoga.  I just have to keep at it, everyone else is chugging along, showing their progress, and I am trying.  I really am.




Photo a Day Challenge Week Freaking 51

Okay, okay, okay.  Okay.  Okay.


So I found this blog, kind of dusty, and it has all these photos for some Photo a Day Challenge?


Day 9 – Out and About.  Heading back from a yoga class, holed up the rest of the day.  My out and about the rest of the day was to another room.
out and about.
Day 10 – Under.
Day 11 – Sweet.   MMMMM Shortbread
dec 11- sweet.
Day 12 – Hat.  My winter staple
Day 13 – Lights.  Fiance went back to NY for a quick “I’m alive and well” campaign trip.  I dropped him off early and came back and hung on the couch.  As soon as I get around for work, we get the daily cop pullover in front of our house…
kind of hard to notice, in retrospect …and more lights from the flightline.
more lights.
Day 14 – Something green
green reindeer, right?.
Day 15 – Outdoors.  Storm is a brewin.  Ten days later we get a layer of snow (and ice and snow and ice and snow) and consistently cold temperatures.
Day 16 – Something I made.  Improv (new) phone holder from an old wristguard while snowboarding.
made it.
Day 17  – On the floor.  Yup.
Day 18 – Makes me feel merry.  I had a toothache, that turned into an old root canal that I needed years ago from an old jaw break injury.  Le crap.
verry merry.
Day 19 – Something beginning with an S (Time travel mode).  Went to a dear friend’s house for a Christmas Eve dinner and I had to pay a visit to the old Superior lift chair from Bogus Basin.
with an s.
Day 20 – Weather.  More storm is brewin’… give it five more days..
Day 21 – Tree
Day 22 – Decoration


Photo a Day Challenge Week 49

Wrapping up November and then we’ll put a bow on it.  Currently pining over some snow.
Day 25 – Sky.  Just another day driving into work.
sky .
Day 26 – In the cupboard.  Must have just pulled out my cans for spaghetti sauce.
Day 27 – Tree.  One of the few times I make it to the gym, they have the trees decorated in the parking lot.
Day 28 – Vehicle.  Yup, driving home, crossing the river.
Day 29 – Big.  Cloud.  I wanted to take pictures of doggie’s things, but we didn’t get to that, now did we?
big... cloud.
Day 30 – On the wall.  Walla Walla wine, is on the walla walla.
wall...a walla.
d e c e m b e r
Day 1 – 8 O’clock.  Fiance’s department party.  It did not stop.
8 O clock.
So there is our intro into December, the last of the Photo a Day challenge.  Two more weeks!

Photo a Day Challenge Week 44

Day 21 – Calm.  Calm? What is calm?

Day 22 – In your town

Day 23 – The view from here.  Not bad.

Day 24 – Weather.  Typical sunny and raining.

Day 25 – People

Day 26 – Listening to.  DJ Icey!  Hells yeah!  I love me some house music

Day 27 – Morning.  Then time to pick some more grapes, a few hundred pounds..

Photo a Day Challenge Week 43

Lazy week.

Day 14 – Makes me laugh

Day 15 – Dinnertime.  More meatballs, but lets say I made spaghetti that night.

Day 16 – Something I wrote

Day 17 – Fruit

Day 18 – Made me smile today

Day 19 – Letters.  at our fave wine shop, Bueno Cheapo Vino

Day 20 – 4 O’clock.  Wine picking that day.  Drinking after.  Technically at 4 I was picking stems out of the barrel of grapes that had been crushed.  Big sticky mess.  I did take pictures, and will post.  Unfortunately the next weekend we picked some more and my camera battery died, and it was rainy off and on (which I like,, with some exceptions).
Just catching up.

Photo a Day Challenge Week 42

Day 7 – Light

Day 8 – Angle.  Seems legit, right?

Day 9 – Red.  This was a monthly outing to Winco with Fiance to drag him so he can get the heavy things- water softener salt, specifically.

Day 10 – Emotion

Day 11 – Something close up

Day 12 – on the table

Day 13 – Landscape

Only missed two, seems to be my trend.
I had a choke.  I wanted to go out and shoot, I had ideas, but it felt like a weight was on my motivation.  I slacked on working out, kind of bopped in and out of yoga, but just… couldn’t do it.  I don’t know what happened, but I can feel it leave.  I think.


Photo a Day Challenge Week 41

Day 30 – You, then

o c t o b e r
Day 1 – Where I stood

Day 2 – Lunchtime

Day 3 – This happened today

Day 4 – What I read.  Its time for pumpkin in EVERYTHING!!!

Day 5 – Shadow

Day 6 – what I’m thankful for..  Good hot yoga.  So intense, but I am always wanting more.  Even after a (personally) challenging class.

Another week, from many moons ago.  What’s nice is I did take these, I just never got them to the post.  And some that I did take, but didn’t email them right away to.. myself, my phone would eat them.