Photo a Day Challenge Week Freaking 51

Okay, okay, okay.  Okay.  Okay.


So I found this blog, kind of dusty, and it has all these photos for some Photo a Day Challenge?


Day 9 – Out and About.  Heading back from a yoga class, holed up the rest of the day.  My out and about the rest of the day was to another room.
out and about.
Day 10 – Under.
Day 11 – Sweet.   MMMMM Shortbread
dec 11- sweet.
Day 12 – Hat.  My winter staple
Day 13 – Lights.  Fiance went back to NY for a quick “I’m alive and well” campaign trip.  I dropped him off early and came back and hung on the couch.  As soon as I get around for work, we get the daily cop pullover in front of our house…
kind of hard to notice, in retrospect …and more lights from the flightline.
more lights.
Day 14 – Something green
green reindeer, right?.
Day 15 – Outdoors.  Storm is a brewin.  Ten days later we get a layer of snow (and ice and snow and ice and snow) and consistently cold temperatures.
Day 16 – Something I made.  Improv (new) phone holder from an old wristguard while snowboarding.
made it.
Day 17  – On the floor.  Yup.
Day 18 – Makes me feel merry.  I had a toothache, that turned into an old root canal that I needed years ago from an old jaw break injury.  Le crap.
verry merry.
Day 19 – Something beginning with an S (Time travel mode).  Went to a dear friend’s house for a Christmas Eve dinner and I had to pay a visit to the old Superior lift chair from Bogus Basin.
with an s.
Day 20 – Weather.  More storm is brewin’… give it five more days..
Day 21 – Tree
Day 22 – Decoration



Photo a Day Challenge Week 41

Day 30 – You, then

o c t o b e r
Day 1 – Where I stood

Day 2 – Lunchtime

Day 3 – This happened today

Day 4 – What I read.  Its time for pumpkin in EVERYTHING!!!

Day 5 – Shadow

Day 6 – what I’m thankful for..  Good hot yoga.  So intense, but I am always wanting more.  Even after a (personally) challenging class.

Another week, from many moons ago.  What’s nice is I did take these, I just never got them to the post.  And some that I did take, but didn’t email them right away to.. myself, my phone would eat them.

starting a pic a day…

…for the most part.  but I figured a good way to keep this active is to start, and commit to, taking a picture a day.  Not much has happened since the last post, went to a wedding, 4 down, 2 more to go!

So these first pictures are from my dahlia’s that are starting to bloom.  I bought them from home depot from the bulb in bags and kind of tossed them in, fertilized two weeks later and things happened!


Then, from the fires last week, I got this picture from our “crow’s nest” bathroom.

sun smoke window

Yay, life.  I am officially looking for another car.  Which means I called someone and am going to look at it later today.  And they live in Nampa, which mean TACO JOHN’S!  You know, I was going to link a url image, but NO, I will take a picture-  I will take many!  The Ole’s, the churros… This will be documented.